6 steps to improving 1-on-1 meetings with your online students

As online teachers, when we are connecting with dozens, or even hundreds, of students in short encounters throughout the year, it’s imperative we make the most of those times. Those interactions are the most crucial moments of our student’s experience in regards to their success. In this session, Richard will be giving 6 practical steps to make those times as meaningful as possible, so that you can have interactions that ignite student curiosity, producing students who thrive in your online course.

Target Audience

Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)


2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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    Richard Bitgood

    Richard has taught math and technology in the classroom and online for 10+ years, and has done every job imaginable in curriculum development: writing, editing, animation, software development, technology consulting, project management, sales, and learning-experience design. His passion is for authentic, deep conversations about topics that matter, and this is reflected in the products StudyForge creates. Richard lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with his wife and their five children.


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    Toni Lyons