How to “Succeed” at Science Fairs

Join this interactive workshop to learn everything you wanted to know about science fair projects, but were afraid to ask. Refine how to help your students: Come up with a testable question; Use the scientific method effectively in the project design; avoid Thanos projects.
Exemplar questions and projects will be discussed and assessed using a simplified rubric. Resources available from the Science Fair Foundation of BC will be provided.


2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Room 103

No prior registration required.



  • Karen Morley

    Karen Morley is a retired Surrey Teacher, former Director of Programs at the Science Fair Foundation of BC, Past Chair of the South Fraser Regional Science Fair and former President of the BC Science Teachers’ Association. She has presented many Science workshops to teachers and students.

  • Albert Chang

    Albert Chang is the Science Department Head at Crofton House School and former Coordinator of the Vancouver District Science Fair.