Careers in the Science Classroom

While no one knows what the jobs of tomorrow will be, we do know most will require knowledge and skills acquired through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs. To have the best chance of success in a rapidly changing workplace and be “future ready” students need the skills that STEM programs provide. Most students (90%+) recognize that a background in STEM can lead to a well-paying job. However, more than half (52%) do not plan to study for a STEM career. Few know of the variety of careers that require or benefit from a STEM background. Science teachers have an important role in helping young people identify potential careers pathways. Science curriculum encourages teachers to help students make links between the content they are studying and career opportunities but the resources to do so are often lacking. In this session, participants will learn about the Let’s Talk Science free career resources that will help them bring career discussions into the science classroom and help prepare their students for the future world of work.


10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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    Craig White

    Craig White is Education Specialist for Professional Learning with the national award winning charity, Let’s Talk Science. He has over 30 years experience in at all levels of the K-12 education system as well as post-secondary. He has been a science teacher, school administrator, school district curriculum co-ordinator, Department of Education consultant for both science curriculum and Indigenous education, and a sessional instructor at the university level. He has developed and facilitated online and in-person professional learning sessions for teachers across Canada. In his current role, Craig leads the Let’s Talk Science STEM Careers project, which promotes the importance of science, technology, engineering and math in providing youth with the greatest career options.