Teaching Students to Science: Students on the Beamlines at Canada’s National Synchrotron

Going without a textbook and lesson plan, this workshop shares how students can engage with real-life science and conduct their own experiment using Canada’s only synchrotron. The Students on the Beamline (SotB) program offered at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) provides the opportunity for high school students to do science and be immersed in the research process. In this workshop, hear from a BC teacher who has participated in the SotB program over the years (even during the pandemic) as well as a CLS Education team member as they share their perspectives on this student-driven science experience.

Target Audience

High School (9-12)


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • St. Thomas More Collegiate
    Joe Muise

    Joe Muise has been teaching physics at St. Thomas More Collegiate for 18 years and in that time has sought out experiential learning opportunities for his students. He has brought students to the Canadian Light source to conduct research on two occassions, and run a third group through a virtual version of the Students on the Beamline program. He has travelled to LIGO, CERN and beyond to further his knowledge of modern physics.

  • Canadian Light Source
    Amanda Pfeiffer