Never Stop Asking Why or How: Innovation Inspired by Nature

People often think of "Nature" and "technology" as very distinct, but it turns out that this is a misconception. The things humans make, and the things made by Nature have more in common than we realise. Bio-inspired innovation is a fascinating topic that captures the imagination and attention of learners, regardless of their age. Join us as we decode Earth's operating system and demonstrate how Nature (the natural world) has shaped, and continues to improve our lives. This STEM based session is intended for grade 4-8 educators, provides cross-curricular connections, and hands-on activities that you can do outdoors or in your classroom tomorrow.

Target Audience

Grade 4-8

To Bring/Important Notes

Participants are encouraged to have a collection of loose parts –5 different natural objects: feather, scallop shell, helicopter seed, etc., and 5 different human-made objects: pen, paperclip, ruler, aluminum pop can, eraser, etc. Pictures can serve as suitable stand ins. Participants will be asked to go outside to observe the natural environment during the session.


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

This session is full.


  • Janice Williams

    Janice Williams is an accredited teacher in Ontario and Quebec with extensive classroom teaching, curriculum and resource development, science communication, and science education consulting experience. As the Principal Consultant, Janice provides educational services specializing in integrated approaches to science instruction, teacher professional development, competency-based and sustainability education, and student learning support firmly rooted in educational theory and promising practices. Janice is dedicated to changing lives and building community through education and to prioritize science learning everywhere, for everyone by collaborating across boundaries to develop global citizens through locally-driven experiential learning. She is also a fervent supporter of self-directed teacher professional development and the role of community partnerships in both student, and school success.