Using a modular approach to online biology labs with HHMI BioInteractive’s Lizards Virtual Lab

HHMI BioInteractive features a number of compelling inquiry-based virtual labs. Participants will survey these labs and then actively take part in the highly interactive Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab. The story of the evolution of Anolis sp. in the Caribbean is a powerful case study in several important biology concepts, including: science practices, evolution, adaptation, accuracy, precision, and graphing. HHMI BioInteractive’s Lizards Virtual Lab provides students a wholistic experience with case study, hands-on, and critical thinking approaches. Time will be provided for discussion about embedding this virtual lab in an online setting and for Q&A from a faculty member who uses it regularly!


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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  • Capilano University
    Annie Prud’homme-Généreux

    Annie Prud'homme-Genereux was one of the founding professors of Quest University Canada, in Squamish BC. She collaborated on the design of the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, which earned international recognition as one of the most engaging programs in North America. After 10 years at Quest, she headed to Edmonton where she led the re-design of the city's beloved science centre, TELUS World of Science - Edmonton. Now back in BC, she leads the school of Continuing Education at Capilano University. She is currently involved in the re-design of Alberta's K-6 science curriculum. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry, an MA in Science Writing, a BSc in Biology/Psychology, and she is currently completing an MEd in Distance Education.

  • Northwestern Connecticut Community College
    Tara Jo (TJ) Holmberg

    Tara Jo (TJ) Holmberg, professor of Environmental Science and Biology, is in her 20th year of teaching at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. She teaches a wide variety of majors and mixed-majors courses in the life and earth sciences. As a Teacher Ambassador, TJ incorporates high-quality, real-world data and virtual labs from HHMI BioInteractive into her classes wherever possible, using them in inquiry-based activities to further student learning.