Online Science Program for Digital-Age Students: ‘Kids Boost Immunity’ includes culturally appropriate content and builds global citizenship

In this presentation you will learn about Kids Boost Immunity (KBI), a quality online educational program designed for digital-age students using an engaging game format. Lessons explore historical, cultural and modern perspectives related to science. Although all lessons are developed by teachers with support from highly qualified outside experts, KBI is funded by the BC Ministry of Health and is coordinated through the BC Public Health Association.

KBI is an approved resource (BCERAC) with lessons/quizzes with curricular links to science, social studies and physical education and health, for grades 5-9. Indigenous Elders and Storytellers lead the culturally appropriate content in KBI lessons and the site. Most popular with students is the global citizenship component where they earn vaccines through UNICEF when they score well on quizzes.

You will see how KBI is designed to promote inquiry on topics such as how we make decisions, how to effectively evaluate information, how to stay healthy by preventing germs and infections from spreading, how the body’s immune system works, what we need to know about antibiotics, how vaccines work, which vaccines are given when and the diseases they protect against.  Other topics are added when relevant such as recent lessons on measles. There is an inquiry lesson on the 2014 Fraser Valley measles outbreak where students examine the data and public health response and create a blog to communicate to a public audience about the event.

KBI provides tools and approaches for students to determine the decision-making processes they are using, and a method to evaluate whether or not the information they are presented with is trustworthy. All information, videos and graphics presented on KBI have been rigorously evaluated to ensure they are current, relevant, accurate and created by qualified people(ie., based on scientific research data conducted by experts in their fields), and are for educational purposes only with no profit motive. Thousands of students are using KBI and both teachers and students are finding it very positive.  Come and check it out!

Target Audience

Teachers grades 5-9


10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 700

No prior registration required.


  • BC Centre for Disease Control
    Kathy Miller

    Long time BC teacher and curriculum specialist supporting lesson development and supporting information-sharing and training nationally. 


  • BC Centre for Disease Control
    Ian Roe

    National Manager for I Boost Immunity (for adults) and Kids Boost Immunity (for use in schools) with the BC Centre for Disease Control, and one of the developers of the programs. Presents internationally and nationally on the programs as there is strong interest and uptake across Canada and elsewhere.