Discrepant Events

How to engage the student: A discreptant event will surprise, startle, puzzle, or astonish a student.

The workshop will have different discrepant event kits at each station. It is a hands on workshop with a short introduction. The idea is to have the educator experience the event, take their findings and ideas back to the classroom. Each participant will also receive a complimentary discrepant event kit of their choice, either a kit from the workshop or a kit mailed to their school. We will need access to glass beakers, sinks, but will not need burners or ventillation hoods. The kits contain most of the necessary equipment needed, and safe to be used in a schools laboratory. We will also provide each teacher with a complimentary pair of safety goggles - safety first.

Target Audience

Educators and Laboratory Technicians - Grades 5-12


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Room 701

No prior registration required.


  • Flinn Scientific Canada
    Rebecca Jogia

    I am the Western Regional Sales Manager with Flinn Scientific Canada. For the past eight years I have been working with schools from grade 1 to post secondary throughout B.C. I thoroughly enjoy meeting educators, lab techinicians, and adminstrators; working together to provide the best resources and equipment for their particular needs.

    I love nature, so any free time is spent on hiking trails. I also enjoy taking landscape pictures but very much an amateur. I have two wonderful children, my son is in graduate school studying Microbiology & Immunology, and my daugher is pursuing a career in business in Vancouver.

    I look forward to seeing everyone at Catalyst 2019 :)