You’ve Got This One – Inquiry & Assessment in an Inquiry-Based Science Classroom

We know that inquiry-based science instruction improves student attitude and achievement, facilitates student understanding, and fosters critical thinking skills. Today’s inquiry includes demonstrating trial and error, encouraging experimentation, supporting arguments with scientific evidence, and considering and analyzing existing theories but sometimes we struggle to come up with new ways to assess this.

This session will offer you some unique inquiry activities that you can use in your classroom combined with a variety of assessment options (e.g. photo essay, digital story, self-assessment and peer review) that give you choice to meet your unique student and classroom needs. Grades 8-12.

Target Audience

Secondary - 8-12


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Room 200

No prior registration required.

2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Room 200

No prior registration required.


  • Delta
    Van Chau

    Van is the author of a number of Nelson and McGraw-Hill science textbooks for BC, Science Department Head and mentors educators in the implementation of curriculum, delivery of instructional strategies and development of assessment. She actively conducts teacher pro-d, providing hands-on experience and differentiated instruction to maximize student learning opportunities, is part of Delta School District’s Critical Thinking Competency Group and has been a writer for the provincial & PISA science exams.


  • Van Tech Secondary School
    Olivia Mak

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