Top 10 Assessments and Games to Engage Student Learning

This interactive session will cover several different strategies which encourage student engagement in learning.  Activities will provide teachers with ideas in all science subjects; general science, biology, chemistry, and physics content.  Teachers can use the activities right away, develop new activities, and modify new activities to suit their students’ needs.  Materials are shared off our wikispace;  Games and overviews developed recently address content which students find more difficult or challenging.  Participants will be prepared to play:

  • Concept Dice-ion dice, compounds (ionic, molecular, acid-base), organic chemistry
  • Puzzles-acid naming triominoes, magnetic periodic table, cellular transport systems
  • Concept Cards; scientific inquiry, redox/acid-base games, organic chemistry, endocrine system
  • Concept Cardsorts-interpreting equilibrium graphs, comparing photosynthesis/cellular respiration, oxidation-reduction
  • Overviews and Relays-redox titration, ICE reaction tables, redox spontaneity, pH titration curves
  • Science Strips and Cups-laboratory procedures, hierarchy of concepts and systems

This workshop will link different methods of learning and bridge school science with contemporary methods of learning.  The workshop is a hands-on, brain-based method of linking concepts to student understanding.  The methods do not include lecturing but encourage collaboration and friendly competition between and among students.  Our materials can be used to develop material in other subjects; math, English, and Social Studies as well as the Physical Education curriculum.


Target Audience

Secondar Science teachers and students; Grades 6-12 and beyond, AP, IB teachers, general science, biology, and chemistry teachers


10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 704

No prior registration required.


  • Calgary Board of Education, Ernest Manning High School
    Peggy Au

    Peggy has been teaching for more than 24 years in Lethbridge, Wetaskiwin and Calgary, Alberta.  Courses include general science and Chemistry relating to the Alberta, IB and AP programs.  In pursuit of professional learning, she has presented workshops for local, provincial, national, and North American conferences.  She contributes to test development, diploma exam field testing, diploma validation, and authors material at the provincial and textbook level.  Sharing ideas which promote student engagement in science education is one of her passions. 


  • Calgary Board of Education, Bowness High School
    Rachel Toews

    Rachel has been teaching secondary science for the Calgary Board of Education for more than 22 years.  She was the Biology Director for the Alberta Science Council for 4 years and has presented and participated in the Science Conference for over 10 years.  Along with past participation in the Alberta Education Science Advisory Committee, she is a regular Item Writer for the Biology 30 Diploma Exam. In addition, she was a Reviewer for the McGraw- Hill Biology textbook.  She embraces the opportunity to try new, fun and creative ways to present concepts to students with diverse learning needs to foster enthusiasm for science.