Hands-On Genuine Learning Demos from FLINN Scientific Canada Session

Come and join Flinn Scientific Canada as we explore various safe, tested, and engaging science and STEM activities that your students can perform at various grade levels (6-12) and subject areas using commonly found household items. Flinn has selected activities that reinforce prior learning and introduce new content across the curriculum to allow students to demonstrate their comprehension. These activities can be applied as a pre-lab, blended, remote or distance learning modality. We will look at the best way to incorporate synchronous and asynchronous learning to provide the highest amount of student success and maintain their continuity of learning. This is a must-attend session for BC science educators looking for some additional resources to enhance student learning and facilitate teacher instruction simultaneously. You will be provided with over 50 FREE activities from FLINN to use in your science program!

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10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • FLINN Scientific
    James Palcik

    James Palcik, has spent his entire career within the science education market. During that time, he has been conducting science safety PD sessions and making trusted recommendations to schools and districts on their science, STEM and safety resources (including manuals, standard operating procedures, PD programming, new teacher induction programs, etc.) James has been immersed in the field of laboratory safety, regulatory and compliance as well as professional learning across all K-12 grades. He has also advised on product placement and blended-learning approaches to teaching and learning science. He uses his educational background as a ‘master science teacher and a health and safety expert,‘ along with his extensive commercial background, to bridge these gaps in instruction, compliance and best practices in instructional models in Canada and the USA. James is passionate about providing students with hands-on, engaging activities in the lab to inspire future innovation, especially when these actions manage to engage student learning and facilitate teacher instruction simultaneously.