Perimeter Institute Resource on Evidence for Climate Change: (Grade 10)

Have you been wondering how to help your students respond to climate change? This session introduces participants to a Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics resource that they can use to enhance the Earth and Space Science strand in Grade 10 Science and supports the teaching of Grade 10 Math. Scientific investigation skills, career exploration, and financial literacy are integrated into the lessons. Specific suggestions for adapting the activities to a wide range of student learning needs ensure learning is inclusive.

The hands-on, inquiry-based activities in this resource address the basic science behind, and the evidence for, climate change. Participants will explore how carbon dioxide interacts with infrared light, how water expands when heated, how climate modelling works, and more. When used in the classrooms, the students will be challenged to consider how they can make a difference. The resource includes background information, assessment material, and specific teaching tips designed to help teachers deliver memorable lessons that empower and encourage students to tackle climate issues.

The free, classroom ready resource contains modifiable handouts. Teachers are encouraged to adapt these to meet the needs of individual students in their particular class.

Target Audience

High school science teachers.


10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 702

No prior registration required.


  • Collingwood School, PI, BCAPT
    Edel Vo

    I teach senior Physics at Collingwood School. I am also one of PI's Regional Teacher Network Coordinator and a member of the Advisory Board of the BCAPT. 

  • Richmond High, PI, BCAPT
    Philip Freeman