Empowering Students to Create Global Sustainability through Authentic Learning

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore pedagogical approaches and a suite of free inquiry-based online learning resources to help students develop critical thinking skills and engage creatively in complex global environmental and social issues. Find out how teacher-created educational resources can help you fulfill the new Ministry guidelines, First People’s Principles of Learning, and Core Competencies while offering your students a broad range of sustainability-oriented topics. Explore how Student Leadership in Change (SLC) learning materials and resources, which include worksheets, activities, lesson plans and videos, can help your students interact, connect, understand, and respond to the environmental and social issues. SLC implements a progressive pedagogical model that is highly solutions- and action-oriented. SLC helps students use their learning on the science of complex global environmental and social issues to take relevant and meaningful action in their households, schools and communities. SLC combines online research with hands-on activities and personal actions to help students connect global issues to local solutions. SLC topics applicable for middle and secondary school in science include: climate change, deforestation, water conservation, healthy cities, public health, renewable energy and plastic consumption. This workshop will equip you to inspire, empower and engage your students on a range of global environmental and social issues, while meeting the new Ministry Guidelines!

Target Audience

Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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  • Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA)
    Maureen Jack-LaCroix

    Maureen is the founder of Be The Change Earth Alliance and a Simon Fraser University PhD candidate in Environmental Education and Social Innovation. She is an inspiring speaker, curriculum designer, and environmental educator, with 15 years of experience delivering engaging workshops and assemblies to middle and high school teachers and students. Maureen co-created the Student Leadership for Change resources and teacher aides with teacher consultants.