Teaching for Climate Change in Elementary Schools

This session will explore how elementary teachers can use grade-to-grade themes in their science program, indigenous world views, other learning areas, and classoom pedagogical approaches to provide children with the knowledge, attitudes, and social and emotional skills to move towards sustainability and deal with the disruptions of climate change.  

Target Audience

K-7 teachers


10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 102

No prior registration required.


  • Chapman & Associates Educational Consulting Inc
    Anita Chapman

    Anita Chapman is a former science teacher who works as an educational consultant with educational jurisdictions, educational publishing companies, and non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad.  She is a former instructor in classroom assessment for the University of Victoria’s teacher education program, and a former BCTF staff person with responsibilities in curriculum, assessment, and education policy. She was part of the contract teams that developed the BC Performance Standards and the Core Competencies, and worked as a facilitator with the teacher teams who developed the new Science K-10 and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) K-12 curricula. She was the series consultant for the development of Nelson Education’s BC K-7 science resources. She has an abiding curiosity about the natural world, and a passion for pedagogies that have students doing science, a well as learning about science, and participating in the well-being of their communities/ecosystems.