Equip your Inquiry Toolbox with Eix and Eix

A cross-Canada father-daughter teaching team will share our favourite invitations to inquiry for grades K-10! Learn some low-cost, high impact demos and activities that you can use immediately in your classroom.

To Bring/Important Notes

If you'd like to "play along", please track down

for "unspillable cup":

a drinking glass (any size, shape, material)

a piece of cardboard, laminated card, or a lid from a yogurt tub (the only requirement is that it can completely cover the drinking glass's opening


towel (to wipe up spills)


for a Lava "lamp": 

clear, colourless water glass/mason jar/pop bottle;

a cup or so of water;

a cup or so of cooking oil;

food colouring ;

alka seltzer and/or salt

a small spoon

for swirling milk:

a pie plate, dinner plate, baking dish

a cup or so of full-fat milk 

food colouring

dish soap

a small spoon, or an eyedropper, or a toothpick



10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

This session is full.


  • Science World
    Sandra Eix

    Sandy Eix has a BSc in Physics from Waterloo, a BEd from Queen’s, and an MSc and PhD in Physics from SFU. She has been inventing exhibits, programs, and shows at Science World for over 20 years. Her job lets her play with all sorts of science and share her discoveries with kids of all ages. Some highlights so far have included developing exhibitions about fuel cells, pop music, and the art and science of light; running a summer camp for teachers; creating science resources for preschoolers; training science centre professionals in Turkey; and opening Science World’s brand-new Tinkering Space. When she’s not thinking about science education, she applies her curious mind to snowboarding, Cape Breton fiddle music, navigating East Vancouver by bicycle, and learning to speak French. She explores the world with her husband and daughter, and has recently learned to call herself a “maker”.

  • John Eix

    John is Sandy's dad! He's retired after a teaching career at University of Toronto Schools, the Faculty of Education at U of T, and Upper Canada College (mostly teaching high school Chemistry). He enjoys sharing his favourite inquiry-based science activities, and never stops learning (ask him about his micro:bit robot).