Digital and Scientific Literacy

How do we know something in science? Literacy is a skill we need to parse the information around us. Participants will explore scientific literacy by analyzing how technology and media can colour our understanding of the world. We will discuss how to teach our students to best search for information in the digital age and begin to build criteria for analyzing the information they find.

Target Audience

Middle School (6-8), grades 4-9


2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Science World British Columbia
    Wendy Lorch

    Wendy Lorch is a Program Specialist at Science World, focusing on teacher Pro D, STEM and inquiry-based learning. She has a background in teaching, environmental education and program development, having worked in a variety of settings including the classroom, outdoor settings, museums and as an education consultant. When not at work, she can be found outside, connecting to the natural world, which is her biggest passion.


  • Science World
    Sandy Eix

    Sandy Eix has been inventing exhibits, programs, and shows at Science World for over 20 years. Her job lets her play with all sorts of science and share her discoveries with kids of all ages. Some highlights so far have included developing exhibitions about fuel cells, pop music, and the art and science of light; running a summer camp for teachers; creating science resources for preschoolers; training science centre professionals in Turkey; and opening Science World’s Tinkering Space. John Eix is Sandy's dad, and is a retired Chemistry teacher from Ontario. He taught at the Faculty of Education at UofT, and at Upper Canada College, and has never stopped tinkering with demonstrations and activities to inspire young learners to inquiry and understanding.