BC Tomorrow Land-Use Simulator: Innovative Technology for Sustainability Learning.

This interactive workshop consists of a short presentation on the origins, history and rationale for BC Tomorrow. The presentation also includes student reflections and observations from BC Tomorrow pilot projects, ways to access lesson templates and video tutorials so teachers can successfully implement the learning tools to meet the learning outcomes, curricular, and core competencies at various grade levels. Finally, workshop attendees will be guided through the login process so they have time to practice and design ways to incorporate BC Tomorrow’s learning tools into their own schools and classrooms.

Target Audience

Elementary, Middle and High School Science Teachers


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Room 704

No prior registration required.


  • School District #83/ BC Tomorrow
    Dave Ramsay

    Dave Ramsay has been a Junior and Senior High School science educator in BC for over 27 years. While completing his master’s, he examined how to incorporate sustainability into his classroom in a meaningful way by developing Watershed focused curriculum. Since then, Dave has been collaborating with industry, business, and educators to develop BC Tomorrow. Based on Alberta Tomorrow’s successful template, BC Tomorrow gives users the opportunity to investigate sustainability within their communities and watersheds.