Blending Intuition with Intention in Teaching Science

You are an amazing teacher. Often, students are excited to learn with you. Do you want to be even better? This workshop will explore how you can blend your intuition of what works with what research has shown works to improve student learning. The ideas and teaching tools that we will explore and use in the session are applicable from grades 5 to 12. All of the classroom ready resources introduced to participants are freely available from the Perimeter Institute.

To Bring/Important Notes

Participants will need to be able to access websites in addition to participating in the workshop. They will need to have a connection to the website that supports their interacting with other participants during the workshop.


2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Perimeter Institute
    Laura Pankratz

    Laura Pankratz is an educator who is excited to help teachers help students to learn. She has taught, worked with Alberta Education, and was Teacher in Residence at Perimeter Institute. Her philosophy of education is that students are able to learn, that learning is intrinsically exciting, and that teachers can encourage it. Share your excitement around student success with her.